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Paper Plate Crafts

Check out how creative this paper plates have been crafted in a whole impressive and fun way. 

You would love using the disposable paper plates to start creating this amazing and fun crafts with your kids. They're easy to put together with glue and all the cutting is great for working on fine motor skills. 

Your kid would be much delight looking at such pleasant ideas.  You can add some details on the plates by using felt or foam to decorate them. You can also add pom poms, wool, yarn, googly eyes, ribbons or pipe cleaners

Check out these interesting ideas we collected for you and ENJOY CRAFTING:

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Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

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Paper Plate Sunshine Craft via Daisy Cottage Designs

Paper Plate Butterfly via TLC Family

Source: Catholic Icing

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Source: Amazon

DIY Giant Paper Dahlia

Every event needs some d├ęcor to look attractive and alive and what better way to add life to the game than to decorate it with some remarkable and gorgeous giant dahlias. You can create giant dahlias at home using white or colored papers. They would perfectly decorate your place for a special event such as weddings, New Year's Eve, etc.

You can create giant dahlias at home by following the below steps.

  • A large circle of cardboard (you can use a plate as a mold)
  • Colored construction paper . You can use card stock or even scrapbooking paper
  •  Adhesive stick 
  •  Hot Glue Gun
  •  Scissors or paper cutter. I recommend a paper cutter for this project as it will produce nice clean lines and it’s much quicker for the job

  1. Take the colored construction paper and cut them into 4 x 4 squares
  2. Turn the pieces of paper into cone shapes. For this step, you need to bring the opposite ends of the square in the center point and glue the entire contour with a glue stick. Repeat the level until you have enough cones. 
  3.  Now take the cones and glue them around the cardboard circle. Remember that you need to leave some space in between the cones. For this step, you will need to use hot glue gun so that the cones stick entirely with the cardboard.
  4. Once the first layer is done, repeat the process by gluing the other cones in between the spaces that you left in the first layer.
  5.  Continue placing the cones layer by layer until all the space is covered in the cardboard circle.
  6.  Once all the layers are done use a different colored cone to form the center of the dahlias.
  • Use different colored papers to add effects to the flowers

Source: burlap and blue

Source: burlap and blue

Source: burlap and blue

Source: mommity

Source: Inspired Bride

Create beautiful party decorations using paper napkins

Paper napkins can be used in many creative ways for decorating a party. 
They are very inexpensive and can add a special touch to a celebration when you run out of budget. Remember that the beauty of a party is in the small details. 
Check out these ideas we have collected for you and Impress everyone before they've taken a single bite of food.

Heart Shaped Animals

Look at all the shapes you can make with paper hearts. A fun activity that will delight children !!! All you need is to cut hearts of different sizes in different colored paper and stick it on a blank sheet or on a card using glue stick. ..