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Super Helpful Sponge Hacks

When we think about using an everyday sponge, our minds usually go directly to cleaning. However, did you know about all the other amazing sponge hacks there are out there? From cleaning to storing your jewelry....there's a hack for all!

Sponges Aren't Just for Cleaning! Check out All These Hacks!
  1.  Pin Cushion - Store with sewing items and use as a cushion for sewing pins.
  2. Protect your walls - Trying to remove nails can leave dents and marks on your walls. Instead, try placing a sponge below the nail when you use your hammer to prevent marks and scuffs.
  3. Microwave Cleaner - Cleaning your microwave has never been easier! Submerge your sponge in water and squeeze out excess. Slice a lemon in half and squeeze one-half of its juices on the sponge. Place in the microwave for 30 seconds and then wipe clean!
  4. Ring Holder - Using an old mint tin, cut your sponge to size and then place inside. Using a box cutter, make small slices in the sponge to fit rings.
  5. Ice Pack - Submerge your sponge in water, and squeeze out only 70% of water. Place the sponge into a ziplock bag and place in the freezer. Use as an ice pack for bumps and bruises or use as an ice pack to keep your lunch cool.
  6. Oven cleaner - Using a sharp knife, slice two slits into the sponge going vertically about 95% of the way through. Then slice 3 slits into the sponge going horizontally about 95% of the way through. Submerge the sponge into warm soapy water, squeeze it out, and start cleaning those oven grills!
  7. Bottle Cleaner - Slice your sponge in half, and then at the top of both ends, use a knife to create a slice to insert a small magnet into each. Use a hot glue gun to seal the sponge shut keeping the magnets in place. Drop one half into the bottle, and using the other outside the bottle.
  8. Nail Polish Remover - Cut your sponge in half and place both pieces into a mini-sized mason jar, ensuring you can still place the lid on top for storage. Once both pieces are in, fill the jar with nail polish remover and allow the sponges to absorb it. Place your fingers in there, wiggle them around, and voila! Nail polish removed!

10 Surprising Uses for Coconut Oil

You won't believe all the uses you can get out of one jar of coconut oil! From a great beauty product to fixing squeaky hinges in your kitchen, coconut oil is one product you should always have on hand. Here are 10 great uses to get you started!


  1. Strengthen cuticles - Rub a small amount of coconut oil on your cuticles nightly to soften and strengthen them.
  2. Help eliminate static hair - Rub a small amount of coconut oil in your hands and apply to hair from ends to roots, to eliminate static and leave a natural shine.
  3. Prevent cracked heels - Use coconut oil on the soles and heels of your feet to soften and smooth cracked skin.
  4. Whiten teeth - Mix together a teaspoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of baking soda to use as an all natural teeth whitener.
  5. Healthy coffee cream alternative - Use to replace cream in coffee as a healthy alternative.
  6. Polish wood - Bring your favorite cutting boards back to life with a shiny polish buff. Apply a small amount of coconut oil to a soft cloth and rub in a circular motion.
  7. Polish leather - Applying a small amount to a cloth and rubbing on your leather products will bring an instant shine back and condition your items as well.
  8. Moisturize skin - Use as an everyday skin moisturizer after showering.
  9. Makeup remover - Apply a small amount to a cotton pad and use as an all natural makeup remover.
  10. Fix squeaky hinges - Rub a tiny amount of coconut oil on squeaky hinges to soften and quiet the noise.

50 Of The Best Life Hacks That May Change Your Life

Yes, we have had a little fun with the 'life hacks pro tips' concept in the past, chuckling along with glee while people shared their gloriously goofy 'shitty life hacks' a few months back. But this time we are serious.

Now we have sourced some genuinely practical hints, tips and shortcuts that really can make your busy life a little easier. Some of them are just good old common sense, others are valuable insider knowledge about things like IT and airlines. A few of them are just so damn obviously staring you in the face, that you take them for granted and forget to take advantage! All of them however, are wise, smart and extremely useful.

Scroll down to check out the list compiled by Bored Panda, and let us know in the comments if you found anything that could come in handy for yourself!   (Facebook cover image: Björn Láczay)

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