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How to Make Beautiful Cement Candle Holders

The ideas we are sharing today is as simple as how candle holders can be made from a mixture of cement and water.  you can create any shapes you like to decorate your home, give away or sell to make an extra income. 
See how to do it:

You will need:
  • 1 part cement 
  • 4-5 part sand, please prepare the concrete according to the labeled directions. 
  • Water, please be careful with the amount. 
  • A spoon / spatula to stir with 
  • Vaseline or oil
  • A small brush 
  • Molds (They can be plastic containers, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes or cake molds)
  • Containers smaller than molds (to create holes for the candles)
  • A bowl to mix in
  • A paint stick to "drain into concrete" to get air bubbles out of the concrete. 
  • Extra weight like coins or stones
  • Disposable gloves

How To:
1- Prepare the mixture by Pouring sand, cement and add a little water at a time. Consistency more firm than a good sand dough dough. 
A good rule is, the less water is added, the stronger the concrete becomes. 
Sand, cement, and water should just hang together.
Mix cement and sand and make sure it is well mixed. Add a very small amount of water and mix. The less water, the stronger your castings will be.

2- Before Pouring the mixture into the container that you chose, first grease the walls of the pot or container with little edible oil to extract the cement form more easily. 
If you use cardboard boxes as a mold, form them with thick adhesive tape to make them waterproof (if they are milk or liquid boxes this step is not necessary)

3- Pour the cement mixture into the mold and tap up and down, shake your mold gently, so the concrete will even out. 

4- Prepare the container that you will use to create the hole, varnishing all its exterior with Vaseline or oil.

5- Bury the second container in the mold with cement. You should add weight like stones or coins or some of the leftover concrete mixture so that it stays in place and prevents it from floating.

6- Let dry a full day in dry climates or several days in humid climates

7- De-mould with care. If you used a bottle as a mold, you can cut it to remove the piece more easily. 

8 - To paint them use coloring sprays that are found in a variety of shades in all of our specialist stores.

Use a milk container as a mold and burrow the candles directly while the cement is still fresh... And because you removed the candles while they were still drying, you can use them again and again. - Source

Use cookie cans as molds and jar lids to create the hole - Source

To make this cement pillow tealight candle holder, use Ziploc plastic bags and put a bottle of water above the plastic to create the hole - Source

Use milk carton and cutouts of foam or eva rubber glued inside the box to create the recess of the decorating figures - Source

Use the lid of a cardboard box and directly burrow the candles and the glass tubes (test tubes) directly while the cement is still fresh - Source

Use ice-cream or margarine container as a mold and create a hole larger than the size of a tealight candle to fill it with coffee beans after the cement has dried - Source

Create a plate-shaped candle holder by burying containers such as cups while the cement is still fresh - Source 

Bury a candle in a plastic container before the cement solidifies - Source

Use a can or a bottle and create a relief by sticking a rectangle of foam or eva rubber inside. - Source

Use the bottom of plastic bottles as molds - Source

Use plastic or metal bowls as a mold for these beautiful designs - Source

Use tins of biscuits or tuna as molds and bury a candle holder before the cement solidifies - Source

Use a bowl or fruit bowl as a mold and to create the hole using a cake or jelly mold that has a striking design. Do not forget to varnish your exterior perfectly with Vaseline to avoid sticking. You can add some beads or embellishments before the cement solidifies. Then once the candle holder has been removed, decorate its interior with acrylic paint. - Source