DIY Hula Hoop Balloon Wreath

These hula hoop wreaths are easy to make and can be used for bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, birthday parties, photo shoots and more!

Use a large hula hoop to create a striking photo frame with which your guests can pose and take pictures during a party.

However, you can also use a flexible conduits ( used in electrical installations)  and join the ends with duct tape to form a ring.


How To:

  1. If you don't like the color of the hula hoop, you can paint it using spray paint in your favorite color. You can also cover it with paper or ribbons. If it is a neutral color, this step is not necessary.
  2. Inflate all the balloons leaving them in a suitable size, which are not too big for the hoop.
  3. attache all balloons by pairs to the plastic ring. Start by taking two balloons and tie them together using the neck of the balloons to form the pairs.
  4. Once you have enough pairs of balloons, attach them to the hoop. You can simply place each pair on the hoop and twist it several times, passing one of the balloons under the hoop and returning it to its original position. If you find it too complicated, the solution is to use a piece of hemp thread to tie each pair of balloons, tying them to the hoop just by the center or knot.
  5. Make the combinations of size and color that you like the most. It is not necessary to cover the entire rim, since you must leave a free space for which you can take it with your hands.
  6. Decorate the empty spaces with plastic leaves or vines, paper flowers, signs or whatever you chose to decorate.

Source: hgtv

Source: onestylishparty