DIY Plush Flower

Today we'll show you a tutorial on how to make beautiful roses in the easiest and fastest way using felt or foam circles. They are perfect for any occasion.

You can make them as blooming as you want by increasing the number of petals or making a simple cocoon using a few petals. 

You will need:
  • Felt or foam in your favorite color.
  • Dry twigs to be used as stem
  • Hot silicone for gluing
  • Scissors

How to:
  • Use a lid or glass as a pattern to draw several circles on the foam or felt.  draw three circles of smaller size to make small petals for a tighter center, you can draw more larger petals to create a fuller bloom. Try out different combinations!
  • Cut all the circles then create a slit in each of the petals by cutting a line towards the center just as shown in the images.
  • Form the petals by closing each circle - grab the point on either side of the slit, overlap the two pieces and then glue the two sides together.
  • To create the center of the rose, take the three smaller petals and stick them around the dry wand.
  • Continue sticking the rest of the petals around the center to give shape to the rose.
  • Use all the petals you need depending on how blooming you want to make your rose.

Source: Instagram